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Here you will find our rules and regulations, by-laws, and covenants

as well as any reports of working committees 

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A quick index 

to some of the ARCHITECTURAL requirements

of the covenants of Pharr South

NOTE: This index is intended to assist owners in locating some of the most referenced covenants. It does not relieve any property owner from the obligation to comply with all the covenants, by-laws, and rules and regulations of Pharr South. Property owners should thoroughly read and understand the covenants, by-laws, and rules and regulations, prior to undertaking any project. For the convenience of all owners, the covenants, by-laws, and rules and regulations are available online at: or from the community office.

Covenant topic

6.1c - Association may appoint an Architectural CommitteE

6.2b - No mobiles over 5 years old may be moved in

- Mobile must be completely enclosed from ground to the lower portion of the outer wall, including porches and decks

6.2c - No two story units allowed

6.2d - plans and specifications must be submitted in writing and approved by park prior to obtaining a

building permit from the City of Pharr

  • replacement roofing, siding, replacement windows, and skirting not be subject to approval of park

6.2e - only one Mobile or Manufactured house, park model or RV per lot

- RV units under 22 feet with sleeping and cooking facilities may be parked on a lot but not used as a living or sleeping quarters

6.2f - list of lots restricted to mobiles

6.2g - list of lots which may be used for mobiles, park models, RVs

6.2h - list of lots on which the storage of one RV is permitted

6.2i - no door shall exceed 9 feet in height

6.3 - no temporary structures

6.4 - open storage of vehicles, trailers, boats, not allowed

- enclosed storage of vehicles, trailers, boats, allowed

- only one RV may be stored on an RV lot

6.5 - placement of unit

- RVs and RVs with slideouts must comply

- park permit required

6.13 - no fence, wall or hedge nearer than 10 feet to the front curb line

- no fence, wall or hedge nearer than 10 feet to side curb line on corner lots

- exception for retaining walls not over 12 inches

- no fence, wall, hedge, shrub planting which obstructs sight line on any corner lot

6.14 - owner obligated to maintain outside utility lines and connections to home

6.16 - all mobiles, manufactured homes, park models will be skirted within 30 days after being placed on lot

6.17 - owner shall do no act or work that will impair any easement

- owner shall do no act or allow any condition to exist which will adversely affect other units or their owners

7.1 - validity of easements

Pharr South Architectural Committee

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